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Vayusphere Instant Response Solutions are a family of Instant Response Agents/Bots built upon the IRiS Instant Response Server platform. Vayusphere provides out-of-the-box Instant Response Solutions for:

  • Call Centers/Help Desks (Users IM Role-based Groups for Support)
  • RSS to IM Bridge (Update IM users of changes to RSS Feeds)
  • Field Service (Remedy Help Desk, CA Service Desk,Siebel Field Service)
  • Corporate Directory and Expert Finder (all popular LDAP servers)
  • Vayusphere Instant Response SDK

Vayusphere InstantResponse solutions are IM independent and support Vayusphere IM, IBM Lotus Sametime, Microsoft Live Communication Sever/OCS, AOL Instant Messenger, Reuters Messaging, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. You or your customers can use one or all of these products simultaneously, eliminating the need to install new software on the customer end.

InstantResponse for Help Desk and Field Service Technicians

Vayusphere provides InstantResponse solutions for companies operating IT Help Desks and Field Service Oranizations. Out-of-the-box solutions are available for Help Desk customers using Remedy Help Desk and CA Unicenter Service Desk, and for Field Service customers using Siebel Field Service

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InstantResponse enables bi-directional, real-time communication and collaboration between a Help Desk or Field Service application, and distributed staff using any Instant Messaging (IM) enabled desktop, PDA, pager or phone. InstantResponse reduces costs for field-oriented service operations by:

  • Improving the productivity of dispatch staff
  • Improving the productivity of distributed workers
  • Minimizing expensive rework
  • Reducing the costs of delayed response, such as lost revenues
  • Increasing customer service and satisfaction through faster resolution of problems

InstantResponse provides all the necessary functionality required to intelligently forward Help Desk or Field Service cases to support staff, via secure instant messages, based on real-time information about their current presence and availability. It also enables field staff to interact with the Help Desk or Field Service application and other enterprise applications, remotely and in real-time, using simple keystrokes on their IM-enabled desktop or mobile device. Specifically, InstantResponse:

  • Enables a distributed support person to receive a real-time notification when a case is assigned to them or their group.
  • Enables a support manager to receive real-time notification when a case is escalated.
  • Provides a set of commands that enables a distributed support person to interact with the Help Desk or Field Service application remotely using simple keystrokes on their IM-enabled desktop, PDA, pager or phone. The available commands can be configured based on the user’s role and access privileges. For example, support staff can: Create a case and assign it to one or more technicians or field service personnel; Accept a case; Decline a case; List all open cases or a subset of cases; Add notes to a case; Reassign a case; and Update the status of a case. Similarly, managers can: List all open cases by priority code; List all open cases that have been open longer than a user-defined number of minutes; and Change the escalation status of a case.

InstantResponse for Call Centers and Help Desks

Vayusphere InstantResponse for Call Centers is an out-of-the-box InstantResponse solution for companies that want to use Instant Messaging in their Call Center. It provides all the necessary functionality for your customer to use their existing IM solutions or your website to interact with your call center representatives.

Specifically InstantResponse:

  • Allows customers to initiate a dialogue with your call center from their IM client or through your website
  • Allows your call center to contact a customer on their IM client when customer is available for a call-back no matter how service request was received at the call center
  • Intelligently queues and dynamically routes the service request to the right representative in your call center based on load, availability and customizable factors, such as skill sets or location.
  • Escalates a service request when predefined wait time and queue length thresholds are crossed.
  • Enables your call center representatives to easily bring in other experts into the session either privately or in a three-party session with the customer
  • Allows supervisor to observe work queues, and dynamically change load factors and service request priorities
  • Tracks statistics on queue lengths, wait times, service times, and representative efficiency and performance
  • Logs all conversations in your CRM system

InstantResponse for Call Centers’ compelling ROI is driven by the following time and cost savings:

  • Increase utilization and productivity of your representatives
  • Reduce resolution time
  • Increase enterprise wide efficiency of your rep-resentatives
  • Provide better service
  • Convert web visitors to buyers
  • Implement Virtual Call Centers

InstantResponse for Corporate Directories/ Expert Finder

Corporate Directories typically provide a list of roles, hierarchies, and contact information about enterprise workers. A typical use of a corporate directory lookup is to retrieve contact information, and then attempt to sequentially contact the person or persons searched for using various contact methods returned.

Vayusphere Instant Response for Corporate Directory significantly enhances the speed and capability of lookups against corporate directories by adding dynamic Presence and Availability information and one-click smart instant messaging. When a user connects using Instant Messaging to the Instant Response for Corporate Directory agent, the Response Agent makes an initial query using LDAP to the corporate directory, and an additional query to the IRiS Presence, Availability and Location (PAL) Server and provides this aggregate information about the persons current presence and availability to the requestor. The target user may then be contacted on the device on which they are actively available by clicking on an URL embedded in the information retrieved. The Response Agent also permits searches by titles and skills, enabling a listing of all the people who match the criteria, but also a listing of the subset of people immediately available to respond.

Another use of the Response Agent for Corporate Directories is to bypass the two step process above and simply ask it to send a message to a person. In this mode, the Response agent will silently query the Corporate Directory as well as the IRiS PAL server, find the device and the IM client the user is then active on, and instantly send a text message using any of the available methods (IM, Email, SMS, Paging).

Instant Response for Corporate Directories supports the following directory products:

  • Sun ONE Directory Server
  • IBM Directory Server
  • Novell eDirectory
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • OpenLDAP

Vayusphere Instant Response SDK

Vayusphere Instant Response SDK for Java and Windows.NET developers enables you to create your own custom application integration using the IRiS Platform. For details, contact

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