Vayusphere® Instant Messaging Applications, Chatbots, and Interactive Response Agents

Vayusphere Instant Response (IRiS) is an IM-based platform for creating real-time instant messaging applications. IRiS converts your existing IM client into a real-time dashboard for querying any enterprise application. It routes actionable notifications and alerts from work-flow enabled applications to users immediately available to respond. It then closes the loop by capturing responses from any instant messaging enabled device.

Vayusphere IRiS Real-Time Instant Messaging Applications

IRiS is particularly suited for deployments in Fortune 500 Help Desks and customer support portals. It has been deployed in leading companies in the Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Technology and Service Provider sectors.

While traditional instant messaging is used for people-to-people communication, IRiS uses presence and availability information to intelligently route urgent messages from applications to users and uniquely closes the loop by capturing responses from users and delivering those responses directly to your enterprise applications.

IRiS is also available as OEM software to other ISVs . ISVs can quickly integrate presence awareness and IM into their existing applications and portal products by using the IRiS SDK. Call Center vendors and outsourced help desk service providers can add IM and chat into their multichannel contact center products. Enterprise and Consumer IM providers can offer IRiS to increase the customer loyalty and ROI on IM deployments.

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