Humans + Generative AI: Boost Productivity of your Enterprise Help Desk Chat Agents

Vayusphere makes it easy to bring next-generation AI to your support organization. Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Open AI are immediately valuable for boosting the efficiency of chat agents in enterprise help desks.  Vayusphere’s use of Generative AI boosts agent productivity by increasing the number of chats they can handle.   Humans + Generative AI:  Better together!

Vayusphere Instant Response for Help Desks (IR4HD) announces the immediate integration of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Azure OpenAI, LLMs, Embeddings and Semantic Search  throughout our product.  Benefit from next-generation AI today.  For further information, or to see a demonstration of the Vayusphere Instant Response for Help Desks for your company, email us at or call +1 650-265-4780

How to Boost Help Desk Efficiency with Generative AI

Vayusphere IR4HD integration with Generative AI immediately boosts the efficiency of the agents in your enterprise help desks. Here are some examples:

  1. Auto-summarization of Chat Conversations
  2. End User Sentiment Scoring and Chat Routing
  3. Problem or Issue Identification from User Messages
  4. Resolution Summary Auto-generation from Agent Messages
  5. Question Answering Service for Agents and/or End Users.
  6. AI-enabled Knowledge Authoring with Actionable, Intuitive User-Friendly Answers

Features and Benefits

  1. Increase Agent Efficiency by Reducing Agent Handling Time (AHT or Service Time) Vayusphere reduces manual effort and shaves off minutes in creating ITSM Tickets by automatically
    1. Summarizing the chat conversation.
    2. Extracting the End User Problem or Issue Extraction, and
    3. Generating Resolution Summary
  2. Sentiment-Based Routing and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT/DSAT) Analysis
    1. Vayusphere can provide a 360-degree view of user’s satisfaction score
      1. Generate end-of-chat interaction level CSAT
      2. Auto-sense Sentiment from ongoing Chat conversation, and
      3. Extract CSAT scores from ITSM Tool Assessments and Surveys providing a 360 degree view of user’s satisfaction score.
    2. Post-chat sentiment analysis can be used for supervisor-led follow up and to measure CSAT and DSAT trends.
    3. End users exhibiting negative sentiment in their initial messages can be smart routed to designated queues improving user experience and satisfaction scores.
    4. Manager Reports include Sentiment scores to  help narrow down and prioritize the number of chats  to audit .
    5. Opportunity for the Service Desk management to intercept a situation before it leads to escalations.
  3. Augment Question Answering with your Enterprise Knowledge Base (KB)
    1. Whereas ChatGPT or Google Bard provide answers using public knowledge, your enterprise has its own custom knowledge which is needed to resolve your user’s specific problems.
    2. Vayusphere can integrate both public knowledge as well as index your existing enterprise knowledge, such as those stored in ITSM tools, to provide intuitive and conversational answers.  No need to re-author your knowledge base articles.
    3. With Vayusphere,  Agents can query ChatGPT and custom Enterprise KBs for user-friendly conversational answers that can be sent to the user immediately with one-click.  This further reduces manual effort in summarizing information from KBs.

Pricing and Availability

Immediately available as an option to customers of Vayusphere Instant Response for Help Desks. Pricing based on selected modules and chat contact volume.


As a cloud service, no additional resources or integration are needed from customer.

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For further information, or to see a demonstration of the Vayusphere Instant Response for Help Desks for your company, email us at or call +1 650-265-4780

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