Vayusphere® Urgent Messaging

                                                          Vayusphere Urgent Messaging used in a Broadcast Network

Vayusphere® Urgent Messaging  solution leverages presence-enabled Instant Messaging and Mobile Push Notification Services for secure real-time group alerting and response capture.

This product is an out-of-the-box solution for companies that must interact with distributed groups (Affiliates, Partners, Agencies) in real-time and capture responses. This solution is particularly suited for:

  • National TV and Cable Networks that need real-time communication with Affiliate stations during live programming
  • Multi-store or Franchised Retailers who need to coordinate inventory, pricing and promotions in real-time
  • Airlines and Transportation companies who need to inform distributed workers and Logistics partners of events, like Weather and Traffic Delays, that require urgent coordinated response
  • Public Safety and Law Enforcement who need to notify interested parties and capture acknowledgements using Interoperable Communications
Vayusphere Mobile Client for Urgent Messaging

Features of Vayusphere Urgent Messaging Solution

Basic Features:

  • Real-time Messaging: Deliver message within seconds to users on their active desktops or mobile devices, including Apple iPhone/iPad and Android Devices
  • Group Messaging: Messages can be sent to Groups of Users, and Groups of Groups. Groups may be mapped to departments, affiliates, time zones, geographies or other agencies
  • Publishers of urgent messages can access system from any remote location using Web or Mobile Browsers.
  • Access Control: Publication rights, as well as Group Membership are centrally managed
  • Message Content: Messages may contain hyperlinks and formatted text

Advanced Features:

  • Presence/Availability Management: The system tracks the number of users who are online and able to receive messages, and presents this information on the management console, organized by group membership.
  • Message Acknowledgement: It is possible to force the user to acknowledge an urgent message from their desktops (“stay on top”) before they can move on to use other applications.
  • Message Channels: Urgent Messages can be simultaneously broadcast on several Channels. Channels can be given different priorities, and end users are presented these messages in priority order. Channels appear as multiple Tabs on the End User Client to visually separate messages. Membership in each Channel is centrally administered
  • Response Tabulation: Acknowledgements are tabulated in real-time and organized by Group to track progress of urgent bulletins. Results are displayed on the management console
  • Group/Channel Management: Group and Channel membership can be tied to LDAP or Active Directory for automated membership management
  • Offline Messages/Message Archive: If an end user was not connected to the system when an urgent message was sent, their clients are automatically synchronized with all available messages when they connect next. Copies of messages are kept both on client and server for redundancy
  • Diagnostic Messages: Daily, Weekly and Auto-ack silent probes proactively check for health of system
  • High Availability/ Disaster Recovery: System offers built in HA/DR capabilities. End User Clients as well as Publishers can roll over to any available urgent messaging server.
  • End User clients are enterprise firewall friendly and work with proxy servers. Clients are automatically notified When new client updates are available
  • Terminal Services/Citrix Support: End Clients may be run remotely and multiple users may use the same desktop.

Technical Specs and Deployment Environment

  • Server: Linux or Windows  Server with 4.0 Ghz or faster 4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM and 50 GB spare Disk is recommended.
  • End User Clients: Windows Client, Mobile delivery via email, SMS, Google Firebase Cloud Messaging, Apple APNS service for iPhone/iPad,  Web Push notifications.
  • Publisher Clients: Publish Urgent Messages via a Web browser from any desktop or mobile device
Vayusphere Urgent Messaging

Pricing and Availability

For an evaluation of the Vayusphere Urgent Messaging for your company, email us at

Pricing is based on number of Servers, Channels and End Users

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