Founded in 2000,  Silicon Valley based Vayusphere is the leading provider of Instant Response server software and solutions. Instant Response solutions are designed to help organizations rapidly resolve mission-critical business problems and events where the cost of delayed response is high. These solutions are deployed at Global 2000 leaders such as Deutsche Bank, Barclays, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Intuit, Network Appliance, Sungard, Chevron, EMC, Kimberly Clark, Zimmer, NBC, Telemundo, Zimmer, and Level 3 Telecommunications among others.

Vayusphere Instant Response (IRiS) is a platform for creating real-time applications. IRiS converts your existing IM client into a real-time dashboard for querying any enterprise application. It routes actionable notifications and alerts from work-flow enabled applications to users immediately available to respond. It then closes the loop by capturing responses from any instant messaging enabled device

Vayusphere Instant Response software and solutions enable companies to leverage and extend their current and future investments in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and corporate Instant Messaging (IM).


Pushpendra Mohta, CEO
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Pushpendra Mohta founded Vayusphere in July 2000 while he was an entrepreneur in residence at Benchmark Capital, a leading venture capital firm.

A veteran of the Internet industry, Push has been a key player in each evolutionary phase of the Internet since 1989. Push’s background spans management, technology, marketing, and operations at start-ups as well as communication giants. Push spent many years as a senior executive at AT&T and the Teleport Communications Group (TCG), following the acquisition of his first company, CERFnet, a national ISP, by TCG and its subsequent merger with AT&T. At AT&T, Push launched the company into a lucrative global web hosting and Internet backbone business.

Since 2000, Push and Vayusphere have been pioneering innovative uses of Presence Management and Instant Messaging in high-value enterprise applications.

Push has served on the board of directors of Nominum, Inc., on Compaq Computer’s Communications Advisory Board (acquired by HP) , and on the advisory board of Procket Networks, Inc (acquired by Cisco)

What the Experts Say

Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape, chairman of Opsware
“Enabling closed-loop Instant Response using new IR platforms like Vayusphere IRiS will revolutionize enterprise computing for distributed workers in much the same way that the Web browser revolutionized enterprise computing for deskbound workers.”

Michael Loria, Director of Advanced Collaboration, IBM Lotus Software
“Organizations recognize instant messaging as a valuable platform for connecting distributed teams. The Sametime software’s high rate of adoption demonstrates the need for tools that enable employees and teams to collaborate. The integration of Vayusphere IRiS and Lotus Sametime expands this collaboration further to include line of business applications, which is a valuable component of the Sametime market strategy.”

Nick Patience, Principal Analyst, the451
“Presence and availability represents the best opportunity for instant messaging to contribute something lasting to the enterprise software stack and it will eventually become a key piece of software infrastructure.”

Genelle Hung, Market Analyst, The Radicati Group
“Vayusphere has taken an unique approach to the Instant Communications industry with its Instant Response solutions, providing a viable way for presence and availability applications to enhance and improve the mission-critical workplace.”

Michael Ostermann, Founder, Ostermann Research
“The continued growth of IM in the enterprise will depend in part on its ability to to add value to existing line-of-business applications. Vayusphere addresses this key enterprise requirement by integrating with, and adding value to, existing business applications and time-critical processes.”

Andy Rachleff, General Partner, Benchmark Capital
“Doing more with less has never been more critical. Many Fortune 500 companies lose millions of dollars a year through delayed response to time-sensitive customer problems. Instant Response solutions, that enable enterprise applications and enterprise workers to solve these problems in real time, can dramatically reduce the costs of delayed response and drive commensurate benefits to the bottom line.”

Praveen Madan, Senior Principal, A.T. Kearney, Management Consulting subsidiary of Electronic Data Systems
“In an increasingly mobile world, instant response software is the next logical step since it extends the reach of enterprise applications. Real-time communications between enterprise applications and distributed workers will deliver significant value for companies by accelerating their time-critical business processes.”

Mark Unak, VP and Chief Architect of Fujitsu Consulting
“We believe that Instant Response solutions have tremendous potential to leverage and extend the value of field service applications as they are used to manage large field organizations. Our services expertise in designing and deploying field service optimization solutions, coupled with Vayusphere’s platform for delivering Instant Response solutions for leading field service applications such as Clarify, Remedy and Siebel, provides a compelling value proposition for customers looking to improve service levels while reducing service delivery costs. We are delighted to be partnering with Vayusphere to deliver these unique solutions to our joint customers.”

Stuart Gannes, Executive Director, Digital Vision Fellowship, Stanford University
“Instant Response is an outstanding example of how the Internet continues to revolutionize the world of communications. Vayusphere’s combination of instant messaging and distributed applications will help enterprises operate more efficiently. And, much like the Web Browser, Instant Reponse will emerge as a technology platform for a whole new generation of social activities based on real time communications and transactions.”

Jim Groff, CEO of TimesTen Performance Software (now acquired by Oracle)
“Vayusphere’s Instant Response solutions place the “Real Time Enterprise” into a practical and valuable context for the Fortune 500. In this current economic climate, enterprises have an insatiable desire to eliminate costs. Vayusphere offers an innovative new approach to drive down both operating costs and the costs of delayed response. Vayusphere IRiS, coupled with TimesTen’s high performance real-time event processing system, provides customers with Instant Response solutions that deliver enterprise-quality scalability and reliability.”

C. P. Gurnani, COO of HCL Perot Systems
“Vayusphere’s Instant Response solutions represent a new and innovative way for customers to leverage what they have — their information systems and their employees — to improve operational efficiencies and drive down costs. Vayusphere’s Instant Response solution and HCL Perot’s extensive expertise in harnessing technology to reduce costs offers a compelling partnership

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