Vayusphere Instant Response Server (IRiS)

Vayusphere Instant Response Server

The Vayusphere IRiS is particularly appropriate for reducing costs and response time in field operations, supply chain event management, and IT infrastructure management in manufacturing, telecom, transport, utility, financial service, health care, and law enforcement.

Vayusphere IRiS performs two unique functions that significantly reduce the time and cost of resolving time-sensitive, mission-critical business problems:

Vayusphere Instant Response Cycle

IRiS enables enterprise applications to automatically and intelligently find and notify distributed enterprise workers of business problems that require instant response. IRiS’s Presence, Availability and Location (PAL) Server dynamically tracks workers’ ability to respond to problems using real-time data about where they are, what they are doing and whether or not they are qualified to solve the problem. IRiS notifies selected workers, securely and in real-time, using instant messages sent to their desktop, PDA, pager or phone.

IRiS enables workers to collaborate with other workers and other enterprise applications, remotely and in real-time, in order to rapidly investigate and resolve business problems. IRiS’s Response Agent Server manages bi-directional interactions between enterprise applications and enterprise workers. Response Agents enables distributed workers to interact with enterprise applications remotely using instant messages sent from the same Instant Messaging-enabled device that found and notified them.

By enabling both application-push (Find and Notify) and worker-pull (Investigate and Resolve) interactions, Vayusphere provides a single, secure platform for Closed-Loop Instant Response.

Vayusphere IRiS combines four powerful technologies in a single platform for Instant Response:

Presence, Availability and Location Server. Vayusphere IRiS provides a PAL Server to dynamically track and aggregate real-time information about the ability of workers to respond to time-sensitive business problems. In addition to basic presence information (i.e. are they using a desktop or mobile IM-enabled device by which they can be reached) and availability information (i.e. are they busy or available to work on a problem), the PA server can also track additional, customer-defined information that may be used to further refine the selection of a qualified employee to work on a business problem. Examples of such additional information include location (i.e. are they close to a place where they are required to be in order to fix the problem), skill set (i.e. do they have the skills and experience required to solve the problem) and tools and materials on hand (i.e. are they carrying the specific tools or replacement parts required to solve the problem).

Response Agent Server. Vayusphere IRiS includes a Response Agent Server that enables companies to develop Response Agents that describe and manage bi-directional interactions between enterprise applications and enterprise workers. The Response Agent Server provides enterprise applications with a single point of access for all enterprise workers. Similarly, the Response Agent Server provides enterprise workers with a single point of access for all enterprise applications. Response Agents enable distributed workers to interact with enterprise applications remotely, using any IM-enabled desktop or mobile device, using simple keystrokes. The type of application interactions, and the keystrokes that invoke those actions, can be dynamically controlled based on each worker’s seniority, skill set and device type. For example, a junior field technician may only be able to query and close work orders in a field service application whereas a more senior colleague may also be able to create new work orders. Similarly, a technician using a PDA with limited screen size might require a more simple set of keystrokes for remote application interaction than, say, a technician using a laptop computer connected to the IR server via a wireless modem.

Instant Messaging Gateway.Vayusphere IRiS enables secure and scaleable real-time communication and collaboration with enterprise workers. IRiS includes an embedded IM Server, Vayusphere IM, and an IM Gateway that enables IRiS to communicate with enterprise workers using popular third-party IM products such as Microsoft Live Communication Server/Office Communication Server, XMPP/Jabber Servers, IBM Lotus Sametime, as well as consumer IM networks such as AOL Instant Messaging, MSN and Yahoo Instant Messaging. IRiS also supports communications using non IM-based communications tools such as SMS and Email.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). EAI Servers enable secure, authenticated connections to enterprise applications. IRiS provides both native integration capability plus an EAI Gateway that enables the IR Server to connect to enterprise applications using third-party EAI products such as those from IBM, Tibco and WebMethods. IRiS also supports standards-based interactions with enterprise applications using current and future industry standards such as Web Services. IRiS also supports remote notifications from an enterprise application via Web Services, SMTP or HTTP.

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