Corporate Directories

Instant Response Interactive Agents for Corporate Directories

Corporate Directories typically provide a list of roles, hierarchies, and contact information about enterprise workers. A typical use of a corporate directory lookup is to retrieve contact information, and then attempt to sequentially contact the person or persons searched for using various contact methods returned.

Vayusphere Instant Response for Corporate Directory significantly enhances the speed and capability of lookups against corporate directories by adding dynamic Presence and Availability information and one-click smart instant messaging. When a user connects using Instant Messaging to the Instant Response for Corporate Directory agent, the Response Agent makes an initial query using LDAP to the corporate directory, and an additional query to the IRiS Presence, Availability and Location (PAL) Server and provides this aggregate information about the persons current presence and availability to the requestor. The target user may then be contacted on the device on which they are actively available by clicking on an URL embedded in the information retrieved. The Response Agent also permits searches by titles and skills, enabling a listing of all the people who match the criteria, but also a listing of the subset of people immediately available to respond.

Another use of the Response Agent for Corporate Directories is to bypass the two step process above and simply ask it to send a message to a person. In this mode, the Response agent will silently query the Corporate Directory as well as the IRiS PAL server, find the device and the IM client the user is then active on, and instantly send a text message using any of the available methods (IM, Email, SMS, Paging).

Instant Response for Corporate Directories supports the following directory products:


  • Sun ONE Directory Server
  • IBM Directory Server
  • Novell eDirectory
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • OpenLDAP

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