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Company 1: A $1 billion provider of international communications and information services.

The Challenge

This telecom provider’s disaster recovery system was dependent on its ability to quickly and effectively communicate disaster information across the entire organization and marshal a coordinated response. Prior to Vayusphere, this company used loudspeaker, phone and email systems to alert employees of disasters. In a true disaster, the phone and paging systems became quickly overloaded, and email did not address the need for one-to-many communications in real time. Since the Internet was the one communications medium which managed to maintain connectivity during a disaster, this telecom company decided to seek an alternative disaster recovery solution that leveraged the Internet to deliver secure, reliable, bi-directional, one-to-many communications in real time.

Vayusphere Solution and Benefits.

This telecom provider deployed Vayusphere Instant Response Server (IRiS) to manage and automate all real-time communication and collaboration across the disaster recovery team. Vayusphere IRiS provided secure, one-to-many communication over a standard web connection regardless of location. The Vayusphere solution met the need for people-to-people communication and provided automated alerts and remote access to corporate information systems when all other means of communication failed.

Company 2: Leading global provider of hardware and networking equipment, software, and services

The Challenge

This hardware manufacturer has a large distributed technical workforce and needs to improve efficiencies and reduce response times within its field force organization.

Field force engineers are dispatched with a list of faults at the start of the working day. High priority faults occurring during the day are assigned to an engineer by phone. Inventory, cause, and resolution reporting back to the trouble ticketing application are all paper based, adding unnecessary time, cost and latency to system updates.

Vayusphere Solution and Benefits

Using the Vayusphere Instant Response Server, field force engineers will be provided with PDAs for remote access to trouble ticketing applications. Field engineers can be notified in real time of priority faults and update the trouble ticketing application with real-time inventory, cause and resolution reports. On difficult assignments, engineers will be able to collaborate with colleagues using Instant Messaging to leverage the experience of the whole team.

With Vayusphere IRiS ensuring that the trouble ticketing application is constantly aware of the real-time status and location of all the engineers, mean time to respond to high priority requests will be cut significantly. Enabling field engineers to update the status of jobs in real time removes the need to manually update systems from the paper-based system and allows customer billing to be accelerated. Automated notification of field engineers will make it possible to reduce the number of administrative support staff.

Company 3: A leading provider of trading portals for the financial services industry.

The Challenge

This company had developed a fully automated web portal exchange. Unfortunately, the portal was so automated that relationship managers were unable to influence decisions and lost touch with their customers. Customers were arriving at the portal, transacting and leaving without taking advantage of any of the value added services supplied. Before the Vayusphere solution, relationship managers and marketers were finding ever more desperate ways to try and increase the average stay on the portal website, to increase the uptake of value added services and to restore some of the people-to-people communications. Approaches include mass mailings, endless hours on the phone and competitions.

Vayusphere Solution and Benefits.

The Vayusphere solution was to build community and provide push access to clients. Using the Vayusphere IRiS solution, value-added services could be pushed to customers and relationships could be re-established. This was achieved by using the 3 types of instant response supported by Vayusphere:


  • Portal-to-client. If clients request, they can be notified of critical changes occurring in the market that they need to act upon. This information is pushed to the client through the Vayusphere solution and can be delivered wherever the user is and to whatever device he is using at the time.
  • Client-to-portal. Once notified of events, the user can access the portal functionality on the device that has been used to notify him, requesting more in-depth information from other sources and in the future buying or selling as well.
  • Relationship manager-to-client. Relationship managers and clients are able to communicate person to person. Both parties can see when the other is available and prepared to talk and relationships have been re-established. Just as importantly, the price of an IM communication is about half that of a phone call. The fully automatic web approach is the cheapest solution, but business has found that it lacks the personal touch – this is the best solution.

The advent of Vayusphere IRiS has meant a revolution in working practices – the portal has a branded always-on application on clients’ desktops, in their pockets or on their belts. It is a daily communications device that can be used for much more. It provides click-throughs to the main portal site, allows applications to push information to the users rather than relying on them to look for it by browsing, boosts the take-p of value-added services and nurtures the return of personal relationships.

Company 4: Leading provider of location based services to the transportation Industry

The Challenge

This Location Based Service Provider (LBSP) has access to GPS-based location information from its wireless networks that it sells to large utility and transportation fleets for a fee. The LBSP was looking to monetize its location information at higher price points by integrating it to high-value business processes inside their customers’ application infrastructure. Prior to Vayusphere, the company provided a simple polling API to its customers for accessing location information, but customers wanted deeper integration with their Field Service and Dispatch applications. The company decided to partner with Vayusphere for leveraging Vayusphere’s deep domain expertise in integrating real-time information with enterprise applications.

Vayusphere Solution and Benefits:

Vayusphere deployed IRiS at the LBSP’s customer premises and tied the GPS-based location feed into IRiS’s Presence, Availability and Location (PAL) Server. Customer applications now have uniform access to a number of real-time variables that can be used to expedite real-time decisions and route optimization. Combining the PAL Server with IRiS’s response agents and IM gateway, the customer was able to create a closed-loop Instant Response system for reducing transaction time of field-oriented business processes.

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