Real-Time Multi-Lingual Chat Translation for the Enterprise Service Desk

 Service Desk Mangers facing staffing/BCP challenges due to Corona Virus/COVID-19 should consider real-time chat translation tools to enable non-native agents to provide multi-lingual support to their global work force. 


Provide multilingual support to create a significant impact on the success of your global service desk. Vayusphere Instant Response for Help Desks supports real-time multi-lingual chat translation in 60+ languages from within the service desk agent’s Skype for Business or Lync client.  Seamless user experience with no plugins or software to install on the agent or end user machines. Higher customer satisfaction and first call resolution. Leverages the most modern neural machine translation (NMT) from Microsoft Cognitive Services and Google Translator.

When and where to use multi-lingual chat translation in your service desk.

  1. Provide chat support in languages you cannot currently provide support for due to staffing challenges
  2. Provide additional chat support for languages during peak time to handle extra load that native language agents are unable to handle.
  3. Provide chat support for languages during 2nd and 3rd shifts to extend limited day-time native language support to  7×24 support
  4. Replace native language chat support with chat support.

Features and Benefits

  1. Advance Real-time Neural Networks power chat translation via Microsoft Cognitive Services and Google Translator.
  2. Ability to independently configure the right translation service engine for each language pair. Modular architecture to support additional translation engines.
  3. Seamless End User Experience: End users always see messages in their own language in their chat client, including mobile devices. Support for MS Teams, Skype for Business and Web Chat. No plugins to install on the end-user interface.
  4. Agents continue to use their Skype for Business/Office 365. No plugins to install on the Agent desktop.
  5. Support for predefined Glossary/Exclude words for technical or domain specific terms that should not be translated. Additionally, agents can also exclude any words and phrases from chat translation in real-time.
  6. Agents can review, and if needed, edit the translated text before it is sent to the end user
  7. Built in Spell checker to enhance quality of input being sent to the chat translation engine.
  8. Multi-lingual Canned/Quick Text Message support for previously human-translated and approved frequently used messages to augment real-time chat translation.
  9. Agent can indicate their native language preference and the tool will automatically translate an incoming chat in the agents preferred language.
  10. Agent can also dynamically switch language at the click of a button if user wishes to switch chat language after chat support has started
  11. ITSM Integration
    • When integrated with ITSM Tools such as Service Now or Remedy, Vayusphere  Instant Response for Help Desks will also translate Work Notes, Comments and Chat Session Transcripts stored in ITSM incidents in up to 3 languages, including English.
    • L2 and L3 resolver groups who can review these committed notes in any of user language, agent language, or English.

Pricing and Availability

Available as an option to customers of Vayusphere Instant Response for Help Desks. Pricing based on chat contact volume.

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