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Products - Vayusphere Instant Response for Help Desks and Call Centers

(Jabber/XMPP Edition)

Out of box Instant Response solution leverages any Jabber/XMPP Server to provide ACD like functionality using Instant Messaging Queues for Role-based Communication

This product is an out-of-the-box solution for companies that want to use a Jabber/XMPP Server in their call center and help desk environments. It provides the necessary functionality for enterprise users to use their XMPP clients to interact with their support representatives for quicker response. No programming or software installation is required on end user or support representative machines.


Features of Instant Response

  • Allows customers to initiate a dialogue with a support queue or role from any of
    their Communicator clients (Desktop or Web)
  • Intelligently queues and dynamically routes the service request to the right support representative based on load, availability and customizable factors, such as skill sets or location. ("IM-ACD")
  • Can escalate a service request when predefined wait time and queue length thresh
    olds are crossed
  • Enables support representatives to easily bring in other experts into the chat
  • Allows supervisor to observe work queues and sessions in progress
  • Tracks statistics on queue lengths, wait times, service times, and representative efficiency and performance
  • Allows emailing of session transcripts to customers
  • Logs all conversations to a database or to XML files
  • Can automatically pick up support group definitions from your Active Directory or LDAP server
  • Provides a Web based configuration and group management console

Enhanced Customer Self-service

Use of Instant Response for Call Centers can also enable customer self-service. Specifically, Instant Response:

  • Allows a customer to use their IM clients to interactively request information from applications, such as CRM tools or Knowledge Bases without requiring human intervention.
  • Escalates the request to a representative when needed.
  • Allows the Call Center/Help Desk to send outbound status updates and notifications to customers on an IM client or Mobile device eliminating the need for another set of software for this purpose

Return On Investment (ROI)

Instant Response for Call Centers’ compelling ROI is driven by the following time and cost savings:

• Increased utilization and productivity of support representatives. Representatives can now simultaneously handle requests from multiple customers. This mode of communication can eliminate the dead-time or hold time in traditional voice oriented conversations

• Reduce Resolution Time. Many Call Centers have realized the benefit of email support. Email support is considerably lower cost than phone calls. However, email is not ideal for interactive two-way dialogue and is prone to miscommunication. This can cause a simple service request to take several attempts and back and forth email messages to resolve - encouraging continued use of expensive voice calls. Instant Messaging based Instant Response for Call Centers ensures that the interactive dialog will end in satisfactory resolution of the service request on the first attempt

• Increase enterprise wide efficiency of representatives. Automated routing based on presence, availability, location, and expertise can significantly reduce support costs. With Instant Response there is no need to have some representatives spend time dispatching calls to the appropriate representatives. Additionally, representatives have Tier 2 or Tier 3 support personnel available at their fingertips using instant messaging. Tier 2 and 3 support may be mobile or at customer sites, yet can still be brought into the call center service resolution.

• Enable better service. With Instant Response customers reach on the first attempt a representative who is immediately available to respond, and has the right skills set. That representative also has the tools to answer questions while the customer is on the phone. Customers no longer need to be forwarded to multiple representatives. Additionally, all communication is immediately logged so that you have a history of the relationship with the customer.

• Virtual Call Centers. Use Instant Response to communicate with customer regardless of their location or the location of your support personnel. Your support personnel need only connect to the Call Center using an IM client from any location thereby creating a virtual call center environment. All communication is encrypted and logged even when going over the public Internet.

Technical Specs and Deployment Environment

Vayusphere Instant Response Agent Application runs as a Windows Service.

  • Server: Linux, Solaris or Windows 2003 Server with 1.0 Ghz or faster CPU, 2 GB RAM and 4 GB spare Disk is recommended. A dedicated server is not required.
  • Client: There is no additional software to install on the End User or Support Analyst computers. They continue to use their XMPP clients.
  • Optional: For optional additional functionality, access to MySQL/SQL Server, LDAP/Active Directory and an SMTP Relay Server is required.

Pricing and Availability

For an evaluation of the Vayusphere Instant Response for Help Desks/ Call Centers for your company, email us at

Pricing is based on number of Supporters (Customer Services Reps or Help Desk Analysts). Unlimited End Users are permitted.

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