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Products - Vayusphere RSS to IM Bridge

Out of box Instant Response solution monitors RSS/Atom feeds and instantly notifies users on IM clients when feeds change.

This product is an out-of-the-box solution for companies that already syndicate their data and information via RSS or Atom Feeds. It provides the necessary functionality for users to use their IM clients to interact with subscribed feeds. This solution alerts the user using an IM message as soon as new information and feed items are available.

No programming or software installation is required on end user clients.

Features of RSS to IM Bridge

  • Supports All popular IM clients/services
  • Supports all modern RSS/Atom Feed Formats
  • Allows Users to subscribe to and query RSS feeds right from their IM Clients, including Mobile IM clients.
  • Users are instantly notified when monitored feed change
  • Users can pause/resume feed change notifications from their IM clients
  • Administrators can set up global feeds that are available to all Users
  • Publishers are provided an REST style API for bulk provisioning of User data and feeds
  • Publisher Edition has ability to insert Advertisements when sending updates
  • Intelligent Polling Architecture only polls for unique feeds and caches results to reduce server load

Technical Specs and Deployment Environment

  • Server: Linux, Solaris or Windows 2003 Server with 1.0 Ghz or faster CPU, 2 GB RAM and 4 GB spare Disk is recommended. A dedicated server is not required.
  • Client: There is no additional software to install on the End User computers. They continue to use their IM clients.

Pricing and Availability

For an evaluation of the Vayusphere RSS to IM bridge for your company, email us at

Vayusphere RSS to IM Bridge Data Sheet


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